Teaching Wild Food to Children

Linda Runyon sells homeschool materials on wild food at her website Of the Field.


Here are some resources that can educate you on how to survive in trying times:

Biblical Scholarship — a non-reformed but interesting homeschooling website.  Scroll down for links to a lot of different resources for independent living.  This website has some controversial views (ie. on the geocentricity versus heliocentricity issue) but is worth taking a look at.

Freedom Garden: Little Homestead in the City.  Self-sufficiency for city dwellers.

Of The Field — information on edible wild plants

Survival Blog

Surviving Off Off Grid by Michael Bunker.  Michael Bunker is an agrarian Christian who truly knows how to live off grid.  Although we haven’t read his book, it should be good reading even for those who do not agree with all of his views.