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Welcome!  This website chronicles our family’s journey in homeschooling.

“Kernels of Wheat” has two different meanings:

  • First, all true believers in Christ are as wheat growing amongst tares and chaff.  Our children are precious kernels of wheat who need to be carefully planted and tended so they can grow strong and stand firm in their faith; and
  • Second, as in the parable of the sower, kernels are like the gospel and truth that we seek to scatter and plant wherever we can

Who Am I?

I am an unintentional cultural rebel searching for truth.

My journey started in the 1990’s when God Almighty convicted me of my sinfulness and my need for a savior. Since then, my life has been dedicated to seeking truth and righteousness rather than power, prestige, popularity, or possessions.

I am married to my best friend and the love of my life, Mr. Chivalry. We are the grateful inheritors of seven earthlings from the Lord:

  • Gentle Giant: our adult son and first homeschool graduate;
  • Spunky: our adult daughter and second homeschool graduate;
  • Delightful: a smart, sweet, and sometimes stubborn young lady who loves dolphins, detective and dystopian fiction, and dashing Mom’s school plans into pieces;
  • Sunny (formerly known as Feisty): an adorable and intelligent little cowgirl – er, pig-girl! – who entertains us all with her many humorous antics;
  • Enigma (formerly known as Mr. Contented): our busy little man who loves helping others and exploring everything he can get his hands on.  He is hard to sum up in a word or two since he is a combination of Curious George and Bam-Bam, with dashes of obstinacy and compassion to boot;
  • Charmboy: our smiley, happy little beanpole who loves learning about life and “cuting” his way out of trouble; and
  • #7 (moniker to be determined)

and three heavenlings also:

  • Casey Lee: our first baby – our brave, alert, vigilant, and watchful child of the meadow – who came before blogs even existed;
  • Blythe Jasper: our treasure in heaven; and
  • Ever Grace: our always blessing.

I currently homeschool my blessings using a self-teaching classical/Charlotte Mason-inspired approach while attempting to simultaneously ponder the deeper things in life.  I hope you will join me in my adventures.  Happy travels!

~Sola Scriptura~Solus Christus~Sola Gratia~Sola Fide~Sola Deo Gloria~

Blog note:  Posting, unfortunately, will be sporadic on this blog because I am very busy and struggle with various health issues.


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Header images are taken from the following works of art:

Albert Anker – Der Schulspaziergang (1872)

Albert Anker – Kleinkinderschule auf der Kirchenfeldbrücke (1900)

Cesar Pattein Kinder am Heimweg 1895

Felix Schlesinger – Allein zuhaus

Felix Schlesinger – Die Nachmittagsfütterung

Heimburg Kinder auf dem Schulweg by E. v. Heimburg 1861

Jozef Israëls – Kinderen der zee 1872