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Nature Study: Grapevine Beetle / Pelidnota Punctata

Mr. Chivalry and the kids saw one of these giant scarab beetles hanging around some grape vines.  The beetle was about the size of Mr. Chivalry’s thumb.  Apparently these beetles, also known as the Spotted June Beetle, like to eat grapes in mid-summer and do not cause a lot of damage to the vines.

Here are some links to further information about these beetles in case you want to know more about them:



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20 Lessons in and Taking Off

Boy Reading LACMA 54.89.61I decided to delay teaching reading to Enigma, 6, until Grade 1 because he is a Wiggly Willy and didn’t see the need for learning his alphabet until the past couple of months.  This past month, he showed an interest in trying to learn to read, so I got out 100 Easy Lessons to see if he was ready for it.  Boy, was he ever!

We are now just over 20 lessons in and Enigma has already read the following with minimal help in addition to his lessons:

  • Dan Can Add from Itty Bitty Phonics Readers
  • the first 5 I See Sam books
  • 3 Lessons from McGuffey’s Primer
  • 3 Lessons from Christian Liberty’s Kindergarten Phonics Reader “It is Fun to Read”

It is so exciting to see the lightbulb come on when a child realizes they really can do “that reading thing.”  Looks like I’ll soon have 3 readers for students!

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The “Morons”

Sunny, 8, has been working very hard at reading over the past couple of years and is reading at a Grade 2-3 level.  She is nearly fluent but still needs some help with sounding out new words.  Yesterday, she decided to read Bunnicula: The Vampire Bunny to me all in one sitting.  This is how the story begins:

My name is Harold.  I am a dog.  I live with the Monroes: Toby and Pete and Mr. and Mrs. Monroe.

We all got a great chuckle when Sunny read the passage as follows:

My name is Harold.  I am a dog.  I live with the MORONS: Toby and Pete and Mr. and Mrs. MORON.

Thankfully, we got the pronunciation sorted out by the end of the book.  It did make for entertaining listening while it lasted, though!


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Super Sentences


I was very impressed with these two sentences that Delightful, 10, wrote as part of her Christian Light Grade 5 Reading course.  The assignment was to use personification:

The ocean ate hungrily at the beach, devouring all the sand.


The volcano belched and heaved up great clouds of sulfur and acid.

Now, if only I could get her to consistently produce this level of quality writing!