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From “T.H.E.” to Chapter Books


It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago, Sunny was still mastering reading and spelling the word “the.”  In the past two years, she has gone from working on phonics and very easy readers to now suddenly reading chapter books in Grade 2. Her favorites at the moment are the Magic Tree House series, which she is reading out loud to me at her chosen rate of about 3-4 chapters a day.  It’s a very exciting time.  The only thing that would have made it better for me energy-wise (I am battling hyperemesis gravidarum again) is if she had started on these chapter books BEFORE I read the entire series we own to her earlier this year.  Ah, well, small steps…


2 thoughts on “From “T.H.E.” to Chapter Books

  1. That book “100 easy lessons” is a game changer, it sets them up great for reading advanced material. We started at 4 too and it wasn’t fast (took 10 months) and no where near easy. We both hated every second of it. Once we finished we started easy readers and he loved it. It’s been 6 months since we finished and he loves reading and reads at 3rd grade level. The book worked a miracle in my opinion. Glad to read about someone else using “100 easy lessons”

    1. I’m glad to hear 100EL worked for you! I am about to start using it with my third young one and I can’t wait to see how he does!

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