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Jumping For Joy

Wilhelm Rögge Eine fesche Oberin 1889This is an update on what has happened since I got Frustrated with Fred.

For the past few weeks, Delightful, 10, has been working through Math Mammoth 3 in order to solidify her basic math skills and learn some topics and problem-solving methods that she had not covered in Life of Fred.  Since we are trying to accelerate through levels 3, 4, and possibly 5, we have been doing more than one chapter at a time in order to keep the program from becoming too tedious.  On average, we have been doing 4 pages a day, spread among the 5 chapters of level 3A.  This means it is taking longer to complete each chapter than it would if we just worked straight through the worktext.

Today Delightful wrote her first test, and to be honest, I was a little concerned about how she would do.  Even though the math being covered is not overly challenging for her, kiddo does have a tendency to make careless errors, even to the point of accidentally leaving certain questions blank and forgetting to do them.  Today I need not have been too worried, though, because she scored 100% on her test!  Yay!  Now she is jumping for joy and starting to think that maybe she isn’t so bad at math after all.  Kudos to Math Mammoth for rebuilding her math confidence!


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