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Nature Study: Northern Cardinal

One bird we hear more than we see in our backyard is the beautiful Northern Cardinal.  Delightful, 9, loves to imitate their call and have conversations with them.  We usually see the females more than the males, at least at bird feeders.  Here are a couple of pictures of what the females look like:

Female Northern Cardinal in my garden

Northern Cardinal Female

Female northern cardinal (6778224297)

And the males:

Northern Cardinal male RWD2

Male Northern Cardinal (9600060696)

Northern Cardinal (17103105617)

Northern Cardinals make calls that sound like birdie-birdie-birdie and what-cheer, what-cheer.  They also make a loud chip call.  Wikipedia describes the calls as follows:

“Both sexes sing clear, whistled song patterns, which are repeated several times, then varied. Some common phrases are described as “cheeeer-a-dote, cheeer-a-dote-dote-dote”, “purdy, purdy, purdy…whoit, whoit, whoit, whoit”, “what-cheer, what-cheer… wheet, wheet, wheet, wheet”[17] and “cheer, cheer, cheer, what, what, what, what”.[12]

Here is more on the song:

For more information on the Northern Cardinal, visit Cornell’s page here:


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