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You’re Sinking Her Cake!

In which Mr. Chivalry has a funny adventure with the kids:

“How are you doing Sunny?” I asked with a big smile.

“Great Daddy,” she responds with an equally big smile.

“How about you Enigma?” I continue.

“Yup,” Enigma says without looking up from the sink.

I had just solved an argument of who was going to help daddy do the dishes by giving each child their own sink. They were now both busy washing specific dishes and spoons and other objects while chatting wildly to each other.  Charmboy was having a great time carting things back and forth in the hallway at full speed with his mini shopping cart, gleefully carting different items to places I would have to figure out later after bed time. I could hear Delightful diligently playing the piano in the dining room. She had already cleared the table half an hour ago, but my dish washing crew was still hard work doing their task.

All of a sudden, with great enthusiasm, Sunny declared to Enigma, “IT IS DONE!” and with that, hopped off her stool, dried her hands, and ran off into the dining room.

I looked into her sink and sure enough, it was empty of everything but the now stone cold water. I smiled, turning my attention back to scrubbing the stove while unplugging the sink at the same time.

Enigma let out a gasp!

“What?” I asked.

“You’re in big trouble Daddy!” Enigma replied, scrubbing a spatula for the eighth time. “You better call Sunny in here.”

“OH!” I exclaimed. “Sunny, Enigma says I need to see you about something, can you please come to the kitchen…”

Sunny comes skipping in with a paper in her hand.

“He pulled the plug, Sunny,” Enigma says to Sunny.

With perfectly practiced melodrama, Sunny falls to her knees, letting go of her paper as she descends,  clasping her hands on her head with a loud bellowing cry, “OH NOoooooo!” and bursts into tears.

“Sunny, what is the matter?!” I ask in shock. “Are you hurt?” (Delightful and Charmboy come running to see what is the matter).

“You’re sinking her cake,” Enigma calmly explains.

“I’m ‘sinking’ her cake?!” I repeat back, quickly replacing the sink plug to stop the ‘sinking.’

“YES Daddy! That was a cake, it was YOUR cake! It was still baking and now its ruined!” (Sob sob)

“I’m sorry Sunny, I didn’t know there was a cake in the sink, there is still some left,” I replied in an attempt to minimize the damage.

Enigma sighed, shaking his head at me…. it was so obvious to him.

“That just won’t do Daddy, the cake is ruined!” Sunny continued… “It’s too late now! There is not enough time tonight to remix everything together!… Here Daddy,” Sunny says as she picks up her paper and hands it to me.  “This is what your cake looked like….”

Looking at her drawing, I could see the cake had a chocolate bottom with a strawberry middle and a very colorful top.

“See that red dot on the top? Daddy, that is a cherry and I didn’t get to put it on the cake because cherries like that go on after the cake is baked!” Sunny sobbed.

“Sunny, I am truly sorry, I didn’t realize it was a cake. I hope you can forgive me for my insensitivity.”

She paused and looked at me for a few moments…. “I can… and will,” she exclaimed softly.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she then moped out of the kitchen, Delightful and Charmboy curiously following after her in single file.

Enigma, still at his sink, looked at me again, shaking his head as he scrubbed the spatula for the tenth time.

“Do you have a cake, too, Enigma?” I ask.

“What?!” Enigma exclaims with a look of shock and disbelief on his face. “This is dishwater…. I’m done washing dishes and want to go play something else now… I love you daddy.”

“I love you too.”


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