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Well, I Didn’t Have A Snake!

Crotalus adamanteus (5)

Enigma, 4, has been working very hard at controlling his temper.  Sometimes, however, it still gets the best of him.  Last week was one of those times.  After becoming enraged that his older sister was sitting in “his” spot, Enigma got mad and wacked her with a toy (older sister wasn’t injured but did play things up a bit to get some extra attention).

When I talked with Enigma about his behaviour a short while later, I asked him why he had hit his sister with a toy.  Enigma very calmly explained to me that it was because he didn’t have a snake.  A snake???  I questioned.  This was his response:

“Yes, Mommy.  First, I wanted to throw a poisonous snake at [Older sister].  But I didn’t have a poisonous snake.  So I decided to hit her with my toy instead.”

At least he’s honest!  Now we just have to work a little more on proportionate responses to other people’s actions…



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