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Nature Study: Big-Headed Ground Beetle

One day while standing in our office, I happened to notice a huge beetle crawling across our carpet.  I pointed it out to the girls, who immediately shrieked and jumped onto chairs.  Here is a picture of a type of the beetle we saw:

Kaldari Scarites subterraneus 01Big-headed Ground Beetle (Scarites subterraneus) in Nashville, Tennessee

Scary stuff!  Actually, these beetles aren’t harmful to humans or property and help humans by eating other bugs.  Here is information on them from Orkin:

As beneficial insects that play an important role in curbing populations of pests and weeds, ground beetles generally only become a problem when they occur in large numbers and move indoors. A typical ground beetle infestation comprises just a handful of the harmless insects. In some cases, however, ground beetles will enter buildings in large numbers and cause panic or alarm, even though the pests do not pose a health threat to people or damage property. – See more at:

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