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You Don’t Need A Preschool Curriculum

Max Liebermann Kleinkinderschule in Amsterdam 1880

Here is some great advice left as a review of a preschool program that looks fun but isn’t necessary:

Unnecessary preschool prep junk Dec 5 2014

By Vicky Published on

As a mother of 3 successful college grads and a teacher who has taught 3’s,4’s and am now currently teaching a transitional kindergarten, please skip buying products like this. Your kids need to learn to dress themselves, say please and thank you, take care of themselves in the bathroom, get dressed, put things in their school bag, zip, wait for a turn, accept that they can’t always have what they want right away, and to follow directions and to respect others. If they are interested in reading, read to them. Write captions for their pictures. Encourage them to draw, sing, and look at books with you and by themselves. If they are interested in numbers go for a walk and look for numbers on license plates and mailboxes. Weigh produce at the store, guess what is going to weigh more. Play outside!!! Ride bikes, go for nature walks, plant in a garden. Help your child develop physically. Every year we have more and more kids in our class who cannot wipe themselves, wait for their turn, or put on their own jackets or shoes. They push past other people bumping into them. They do not need to learn their letters and numbers before preschool. They need to learn to be ready to be part of a group, to cooperate and to be respectful and helpful.

Sounds like some good habit training to me!

 [Note:  This is not to say that a program like this could never be useful.  Every child is different.  The point is that there is no need to force academics on a child at as early an age as possible.  The longer I homeschool, the more I appreciate the “better late than early” approach to learning].


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