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We’ve Been A Little Tired Lately

Angelo Trezzini - A Tired SeamstressYou may have noticed that all has been quiet on the blog front lately.  That is due to the fact that our newest addition, now 7 months, has decided to change his sleeping schedule to one that is not conducive to us being able to get much sleep ourselves.  So we’ve been feeling a bit like zombies lately.

How tired have we been?  So tired that this conversation happened the other day:

Mr. Chivalry asks Delightful, 8, and Feisty, 6, to clean up a mess they made in our office.  While they are cleaning up, he stands in the doorway to our family room while he talks to me. Delightful comes to the family room to put something away but can’t get past Mr. Chivalry.  She tries to politely ask Mr. Chivalry to move out of her way:

Delightful:  Excuse me, Daddy.

Mr. Chivalry (responding in an irritated voice without really thinking):  No, Delightful!  There is no excuse!

He is about to explain to Delightful the need to do what he has asked her to do when I burst out laughing.  He was so tired he didn’t realize what Delightful was asking.  All he heard was the word “excuse,” so he thought Delightful was trying to make an excuse to get out of cleaning up her toys!


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