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Peg Board “Chess”


“Mommy, would you like to play “Chest” with me?” asks Feisty, 6.

“Chest?  I don’t think I know that game,” I reply.

“Here, let me show you.  You take the pegboard and put it here,” explains Feisty.  “Then you put your pieces on the board.  I’ll be red.  You can be orange.”

[Feisty makes one line of pegs across one end of the board and another across the other end].

“See, Mommy.  This is “Chest.”  Only there are no kings or queens or knights or Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.”

“I see” [laughing].  “Okay, now what?” I ask.

“Now you take turns moving your pieces.  You get to move one piece each turn.”

“Oh?  And how do the pieces move?”

“You move one hole at a time — in any direction as long as it’s touching the hole your peg is in.”

For some reason, I think the pieces can only get taken diagonally as in Chess pawns.  But that notion is soon corrected when one of my pieces dies a swift death.  I end up winning the first game even when I try not to play so well.

“Want to play again?” asks Feisty.

“Sure, sweetie.  You go first.”


And suddenly one of my pieces is taken before I even get to make a move.

“Hey!  You can’t take my piece!  It wasn’t in a hole beside any of your pieces!!!” I object.

“That’s okay, Mommy.   I used a bomb.”

“A what?!  Since when are bombs part of this game????”

“Oh, I changed the rules,” Feisty explains.

I convince her to go back to her original rules.  I win again despite trying to hand my pieces to Feisty at every possible opportunity.  Sigh.

“Want to play again, Mommy?”

“Okay, one more time.”

We begin our third game.  Suddenly, Feisty is stacking pegs on top of one another.

“Hey!  There’s no stacking in this game!”

“Sure there is, Mommy.  I changed the rules again.”

“I see.  Are there any more rules I should know about?”

“No, Mommy, that’s it.”

I try taking one of Feisty’s double-stacked pieces.   I soon discover that was a mistake.  You see, my move only killed ONE of her pegs.  The other peg then trounced me since I was still in its spot.

Guess who won that game?


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