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Evil in Children’s Literature

Jean-Baptiste Oudry - Le loup et l'agneau

Mr. Sheehy on wanting to protect children by not exposing them to evil in books:

“And when it comes to equipping an individual for encountering evil, I have yet to find a better training device than literature, and for children that most often means fairy tales. Present a child with a fairy tale, a “world full of darkness and danger and ambiguity” (Buechner), and she can begin to recognize evil and its wiles. Presenting a tamed evil – a grumpy but harmless Grinch or a morally upright Zaroff – not only paralyzes the story’s ability to pursue a reader’s imagination, it serves no utilitarian purpose, for by it a child cannot learn to recognize the real thing.”

Read more:

(no endorsement of Christmas intended)


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