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Who In Their Right Mind Volunteers To Double Their Pain?!

736px-LesCorsetsLeFuretParis18cutBThis past summer, I hoped to blog a little more about our family’s progress with finishing off our school year after I became sick with hyperemesis gravidarum.  My best laid plans were scuttled, however, when our newest addition came early and has been soaking up the love ever since.

The long and short of it is, we did manage to finish all of Delightful’s Grade 3 year.  We also finished most of Feisty’s Kindergarten year.  The only subject we didn’t finish was Adventures in Phonics A because it was becoming too difficult for Feisty to remember all of the different phonics rules at once.  So we took a break from that and read easy “I See Sam” readers over the summer.

Now onto this year:

One of the subjects that Delightful, 8, likes least is writing.  In Grades 1 and 2, we used Understanding Writing as well as Writing With Ease until it became tedious.  Last year, in addition to incorporating Charlotte Mason methods into all of our subjects, we used Understanding Writing until I got really sick with hyperemesis gravidarum.  Then I ended up giving Delightul A Beka’s Grade 3 writing worktext so I could make sure she was still learning something while I was sick.

The verdict?  She “hates” Understanding Writing.  She “hates” A Beka.  And she thinks Writing With Ease is “boring.”

This year, I thought we’d review Unit 2 of Understanding Writing and continue with Charlotte Mason methods (I have found that starting Understanding Writing in Grade 3 works well since Writing With Ease and Adventures in Phonics lay a good foundation to build on and I don’t like to pile on too much work in the early years).  I decided to test-run our schedule this week to work out any kinks before our year “officially” starts.

On Day 1, Delightful made it very clear to me that she still “hates” Understanding Writing.

On Day 2, I got the bright idea of trying Emma Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons since I have a free pdf file of it.  The verdict?  She “hates” Intermediate Language Lessons.

I asked Delightful what she “hates” about Intermediate Language Lessons and she informed me that she doesn’t like the look of dictionary lessons.  I explained that dictionary lessons are a part of every curriculum and convinced her to take a look at what she would be doing either with Intermediate Language Lessons or with Understanding Writing.  (I am open to looking at other options but I don’t want to shell out money if I don’t have to).  I suggested that she pick one program to try and we can always switch if it doesn’t work out.  Of course, we may end up scrapping any writing program altogether and just going full Charlotte Mason, but I was hoping to use something to gently introduce grammar and some skills that we might miss if taking that approach.

Delightful’s decision?  She would like to do both programs.  That’s right — she has voluntary decided to do not one but two programs that she “hates” at the same time.  Now, who on earth voluntarily doubles their misery when they don’t have to???  Scratching my head…


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