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What Calvinist Parents Say To Their Children

Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel (Bible Card)
Joshua Renewing the Covenant with Israel
“My children, you are blessed by God. You have been born into a Christian family, just as your father and mother also were born of Christian parents. You have been raised in the Christian faith, just as your parents were raised in the Christian faith. Your birth place, your parentage, is not luck — it is by design, God’s design. He could have caused you to be born to pagan parents in the middle of Africa, with your belly’s extended due to lack of food. But instead, you were born in Australia, and you don’t have extended bellies. You have food to eat, and plenty left over. You are already blessed by God, and you should not not walk away lightly from your heritage. As both of your grandfathers and your father declared, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And you have been placed in the care of your parents so that you will, as adults, freely choose to make the same declaration…

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