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One Done, One To Go

1389662_22069019I am pleased to announce that despite taking three months off this year due to my battle with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), Delightful, 8, has finished all of the work I had planned on doing with her for Grade 3 — and then some.  My plan for her for the summer is to do some reading from books we didn’t get to during the year and discuss elements of fiction like setting.  My main challenge with Delightful at this time is keeping her from devouring all of next year’s books so that I still have something left to teach her for Grade 4!

Feisty, 5, is also almost done all of our kindergarten program.  All she really has left is Adventures in Phonics A (ours is the second edition).  I have found that just one page a day of this workbook is enough for Feisty, so I don’t anticipate finishing the book until mid-summer (though with a new baby coming, who knows how long it will take?).  It can sometimes be very challenging to remember all of the sounds of all of the different phonograms in the English language!  I also hope to work through some easy readers with Feisty to build her reading confidence and fluency.  The books she is really enjoying right now are these, which we found out about from Tree of Life School and Book Service:

Brian Marriott’s I See Sam Early Reader Series

I highly recommend these books as they build slowly on reading skills and tell humorous stories that engage the reader’s interest.  Feisty often asks to read three or four of these books at a time since she enjoys them so much.

My only other plan for the summer is to do fun subjects like art, physed, and nature study.  I am really looking forward to not feeling nauseous all the time and to being able to feel like a human being again.

What are your plans for the summer?  Do you plan on schooling or on taking a break this year?


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