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Lessons Learned from HG

Madeyski PainSince I am still battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I thought I’d put up some posts to raise awareness of this disease/condition and the issues women with HG face. If you know someone suffering with HG, please do all that you can to support her and her family. It’s no exaggeration to say that a life may very well depend on it.

Here is what HG did to one woman who survived it:

…I am a Hyperemesis Gravidarum survivor.

I claim that title with honor because the personal battle my body raged against itself nearly killed me and threatened the lives of my daughters. My family fought the battle alongside me. They lived in fear that I would not survive. Hyperemesis destroyed my health, tested the strength of my marriage, took an emotional toll on my family and left us in financial ruin. I am proud to count myself among the women who have waged this war.

This woman learned many lessons from her battle, which she shares here:

I encourage you to read them.

I can relate to many of the things this woman writes.  In particular, I have lost friends over HG because they didn’t understand what I was going through.  I have had family members tell me that my children’s lives weren’t worth it.  I have had family members complain about my poor housekeeping, criticize the way I educated my children during illness, and tell me that I was a failure as a mother because I was bedridden for several months.

I want you to know that my children were worth it, that our family did survive, and that my children’s education did not suffer.  We made it solely by the grace of God.


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