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Homeschooling With HG: Breaks and Bedschooling

Joseph Clarke Christmas morning

Since I am still battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I thought I’d put up some posts to raise awareness of this disease/condition and the issues women with HG face.  If you know someone suffering with HG, please do all that you can to support her and her family.  It’s no exaggeration to say that a life may very well depend on it.

When in the serious throes of HG, there is no possible way to keep up with homeschooling if your students depend on you to help them through their lessons.  That is, I suppose, one argument in favor of using a program like the Robinson Curriculum that promotes independent learning.  When dealing with primary-aged children who can’t read on their own, though, sometimes drastic measures like taking a homeschooling break are what’s needed.

This school year, we took a break from official homeschooling for about 2.5-3 months because I was so ill I could not even care for myself properly.  My children’s learning consisted of watching videos, playing educational games on our computer, and living life.

Over the past couple of months, I have still been struggling with a lot of nausea.  However, as I have slowly regained strength and energy, I have been able to get back into homeschooling.  What we do now doesn’t look like how we normally homeschool, though, because I currently homeschool from my bed.

On or near my bed, I have my laptop, my homeschool planner, and all of the homeschool books we are currently using.  I work with Feisty, 5, for about an hour every morning.  In that time, she works on phonics, printing, math, science, Bible, social studies, and literature.  At this point in the day, Delightful, 8, is usually still in bed and Enigma, 3, and Charmboy, 2, like to run around and play.

In the afternoon, while Charmboy has his nap, I work with Delightful.  This is much less energy-intensive for me because Delightful can complete most of her lessons on her own.  I listen to her narrate her lessons, look over her work in French and writing, and hold up math flashcards for her to drill.  The girls also listen to their catechism CD.  Sometimes we read a story or devotional together, and on really good days, we also go over our Bible memory verses and try to see how much we’ve forgotten over the year.  Enigma usually plays, does some “school” on the computer, or watches a video while I am working with Delightful.  Sometimes, he also has a nap since he is on a growth spurt and is very tired.

With taking up to 3 months off this year, it may seem like we would be very far behind in our homeschool studies.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the opposite is actually the case:  we are either right on track or ahead of schedule in every single subject.  How did that happen?  At the beginning of the year, I did not try to do too much with Feisty because she was not ready for a full-time program.  However, in the time we took for our break, Feisty matured a great deal and is now ready for a little bit of school every day.  In this way, I have been able to “catch up” on what we missed and move ahead right on schedule.  In fact, if things continue as they are right now, Feisty will finish school a little early this year.

Delightful, on the other hand, has doubled up on some lessons to catch up to where she ideally should be in her studies.  This is not too onerous for her because she often likes to read ahead in her lessons when she is interested in them.  I expect Delightful will have completed our Grade 3 program by the end of June at the latest.

I am looking forward to completing this school year so I can prepare for the birth of our new baby in July.  Thankfully, the time I have had to spend resting has given me the opportunity to plan out next year.  With that accomplished, I can look forward to enjoying a fun and restful summer with the kids.

If you are sick and struggling with homeschooling, remember that school at home doesn’t always have to look the same as school at school does.  While a bed can be a wonderful place to rest, it can also be a wonderful place to snuggle up and learn.  So, if you can, pull up those covers and plump those pillows.  Who knows what memories will be created during this time?


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