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HG and Abortion

Madeyski PainSince I am still battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I thought I’d put up some posts to raise awareness of this disease/condition and the issues women with HG face.  If you know someone suffering with HG, please do all that you can to support her and her family.  It’s no exaggeration to say that a life may very well depend on it.

HG is a condition that can lead to death for a mother and/or her baby if it is left untreated or if it is inadequately treated.  Many women are driven to abort their WANTED babies because they, quite literally, have no other choice.  I am pro-life, but it is important for pro-lifers to understand the absolute agony women with HG face.  I’m talking about situations where the mother has other children and zero help with caring for them when she can’t even care for herself.  Or situations where the mother has no financial support and must continue working while pregnant…only she can’t because she is so sick and no one will help her.  Or situations where the mother’s body is literally starving her to death, causing her organs to start shutting down.  I have been in this last situation.  Thankfully, a trip to the hospital got me through it.  Other women aren’t so fortunate:

Research by abortion provider BPAS and Pregnancy Sickness Support found many women were refused treatment because doctors deemed it too costly, unnecessary or potentially harmful.

One expectant mother – who ended her pregnancy last year – had begged her GP for a stronger, more expensive drug but said she was shouted at and told to leave.

The study estimated that about 10,000 women suffer from the condition every year, with 10 to 20 per cent ending up terminating their pregnancies. In any given year this is between 1,000 and 2,000 women.

Read more:

These are not isolated cases.  Here are the results of a 2007 study on HG:

Of 808 women who completed the survey, 123 (15.2%) had at least one termination due to HG, and 49 (6.1%) had multiple terminations. Prominent reasons given for the terminations were inability to care for the family and self (66.7%), fear that they or their baby could die (51.2%), or that the baby would be abnormal (22.0%). These same women were three times as likely to state that their health care providers were uncaring or did not understand how sick they were [64/123 (52.0%) vs. 168/685 (24.5%), odds ratio 3.34 (95% CI 2.21–5.05), pb.001].

Read more:

And another study linking HG to abortion:

I am in no way trying to justify abortion, but I can understand why some women resort to it when they are literally given no option other than to starve to death or lose their jobs, children, etc.  That’s why I encourage you to reach out to anyone you know who is struggling with HG.  Even something little can make a huge difference to a woman who is battling this condition.


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