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HG: It’s More than Severe Morning Sickness

Madeyski PainSince I am still battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), I thought I’d put up some posts to raise awareness of this disease/condition and the issues women with HG face.  If you know someone suffering with HG, please do all that you can to support her and her family.  It’s no exaggeration to say that a life may very well depend on it.

I can very much relate to this account from someone who’s been there:

“Severe morning sickness,” dear reader, does not do it justice. For the first months of my pregnancies, the world pitched and roiled and heaved. I could tolerate no food, or the smell of food. I don’t mean that I was a little pukey. I mean that I spent 50 days curled up motionless in the dark under a blanket, unable to bear rolling over at even a glacial pace. I lost five kilograms in a couple of weeks. I could not speak, I could not open my eyes, and when a sympathetic friend crept in to see me, the undulating pattern of her black-and-white striped pants triggered a round of heaving.

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