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Education Must Return to a Biblical Approach

I am still struggling with HG, so posting for now will be sporadic at best.

Here are some good points about modern education made by Biblical Landmarks:

Think“A major part of the problem is that modern education does not teach the student to think. It is designed to merely fill the student’s mind with what the “experts” believe the child should learn. Thus, for example, the biology and science classes to not encourage the students to intellectually interact with views other than the “official” view. The student is told what he should learn, how he should learn, and is given a timetable in which to learn it. Failure to comply in these areas constitutes a failure of the student to become “educated.”

But if the student cannot think, he can hardly be called educated. If the student does not know how to work out solutions to the practical affairs of everyday life, what use is his education? If students are not taught how to think their way through complex philosophical, moral, as well as technical, issues, the time spent in education institutions has been in vain…

…Education, to be true education, must return to a biblical approach for teaching and learning. One of the initial changes to occur should be a radical abandonment of the timetable set by the humanistic educators.”

Read more:

I am in agreement with this.  I have a family member whose child has learning difficulties and is about two grade levels behind the child’s actual grade by age.  The school refuses to hold the child back on the grounds that it would be “too traumatic” for the child.  So, to avoid trauma, the child will be pushed through the school system having mastered little to nothing while in it.  How can that be considered beneficial for the child?


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