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“They Regretted Not Having More Children”


I found this quote interesting, but by posting it I do not mean to imply that God’s desire is that every single person on earth have a large family.  Some people are not blessed with biological children and some with only 1 or 2.  Children are not the only blessing God gives.

I am a registered nurse, and many older people whom I’ve cared for are now in their eighties and nineties and were having their families during The Depression.  They were a generation who tried hard to limit their family size.  I’ve held so many old, frail hands and listened to so many sweet souls tell me how they regretted not having more children.  It is such a common thread and it is so typical of our enemy.  First he tricks people into not letting God bless them with a big family, then when they are old, he torments them with their error.

~an Above Rubies reader, qtd in Be Fruitful and Multiply: What the Bible Says About Having Children by Nancy Campbell, pp. 47-48


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