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We Want Treasure, Not Legal Tender


From an African woman’s Open Letter to Melinda Gates:

“There is a combination of reasons why the African women have a high birth rate, the first being a high desired fertility rate (i.e. how many babies a woman desires to have). This desire exists because the older women in our communities are revered, respected and even rated in accordance to how many adult children she has raised. So, my own mum who raised six adult children commands even more respect than her friends who have much more wealth than she does but fewer children. And one of her friends who has nine adult children is even more respected than my mum — even my mum reveres this lady for being able to raise nine children (one of whom is a dear friend of mine by the way). For Melinda Gates’ birth-reduction programme to take root in our society, she has to completely uproot this sort of value-system where wealth is never placed above children. Put differently, our system is such that our children are our treasure and dollars, euros, rands, and pounds are only our legal tender.”

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