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Nature Study: Goldenrod and Ragweed

I’m posting these two together because they often get mistaken for each other.  It seems they both bloom at the same time and so are easily confused.  In fact, when I did a search for ragweed images, I saw photos of both types of plants.

This, as I understand it, is Goldenrod.  It was growing against someone’s back fence and wasn’t easy to get to to take a picture of:



Some smaller Goldenrod:


This, I believe, is baby Goldenrod:


This, on the other hand, is Ragweed:



And teenage Ragweed:


And baby Ragweed:


For more information about the difference between goldenrod and ragweed, see:

Ragweed – Identifying Ragweed vs. Goldenrod

Goldenrod vs. Ragweed: They’re NOT the same plant!

Of Ragweed and Goldenrod


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