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Oral Narration of the Hunting of the Great Bear

Orion's Belt

Below is the oral narration Delightful, 7, did of the story “The Hunting of the Great Bear” from What Your Third Grader Needs to Know.  She did this narration our first week of school and her narrating ability has vastly improved since that time.  We have worked hard on not saying “and then” all the time, as you will see when I post a later narration:

The Hunting of the Great Bear

There was once four Indian boys, and once they got on the track of something they never turned back. They heard of a bear that was terrorizing their village, and the four hunters and their dog, Four Eyes, went after it and were chasing it around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around. The bear was magic, and he turned the biggest and the fattest brother’s food into worms. Then, the biggest and the fattest brother was tired of walking, so he asked his brothers if they could stop for a while, but they completely ignored him. They caught sight of the bear and they were chasing it, and the oldest and fattest brother pretended to fall and sprain his ankle and he said to his brothers, “Please come and carry me for I am afraid that I have sprained my ankle.” And then, when he was rested enough, he asked his brothers to put him down and then he ran ahead of the others and killed the bear. But, while they were eating its meat, the bear magically came up again. And then they chased it until they said, “We are not on top of the mountain any more. We are in the sky.”


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