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One Mixed-Up Day in September

David Burlet Friedrichsbau varieté Plate spinning actThis is what happened in our homeschool during one very crazy mixed-up day last month (color code: Pink = Delightful’s subjects; Green = family subjects; Blue = Feisty’s subjects):

Prior to waking up for the day – Last night, Mr. Chivalry did not get much sleep. Baby has been getting up an awful lot this past month with issues due to teething (getting all molars at the same time) and itching due to eczema. Baby apparently did not settle down for a long time after a feeding last night and Mr. Chivalry “played the martyr” and stayed up with him.

9:30 am – I wake up to Gentle Giant knocking on my bedroom door and the sound of two screaming kids (Enigma, 3, and Baby, 16 months). We have all overslept.  While I nurse Baby, Gentle Giant offers to get Enigma started on breakfast. He also offers to wake Delightful, 7, up.

9:30-10:15 am – The kids, including Baby, eat breakfast while I do dishes and tidy the kitchen. There are some dirty dishes from last night that need to be cleaned in order to make space on our countertop.  Feisty, 5, wakes up while I’m washing dishes, eats, and gets ready for the day.

10:15-10:45 am – The rest of the kids get dressed and ready for the day. I finish up in the kitchen. Gentle Giant offers to make me breakfast while I take the kids downstairs and get started on our day.  I’m very glad he’s home today!

10:45-11:15 am – Delightful reads 5 lessons of Math from Life of Fred Edgewood while I am getting the other kids settled  (she started at Apples for review and so far has been reading about one text a week). I have to tell her to stop because it’s time to move on to something else. Feisty does some coloring. I review our phone # with the kids. We also try to remember the first commandment and sing 2 psalms from the Psalms of David in Metre. Delightful reads her History lesson (The Story of the Ancient World by H.A. Guerber and Christine Miller, Chapter 17). As I start eating breakfast and preparing to listen to Delightful’s narration of her lesson, the doorbell rings. It is my aunt, who has stopped by unexpectedly. Apparently, she left a message about stopping by this morning on our phone — at 9:15 am — which no one got — because we were all sleeping at the time and didn’t think to check our phone first-thing when we woke up.

11:15 am -12:15 pm – Delightful convinces my aunt to help her work on her sewing project. She has chosen sewing as a Handicraft this term/year.  Yesterday was handicrafts day and we had cut out material for making a drawstring bag and had also pinned and basted it. My aunt admires Delightful’s work and helps her sew one side of it while I get dressed and ready for the day and deal with a fussy Baby (yes, I was still in my pajamas at this point!). Enigma watches videos of excavators working. Feisty watches/plays Math and other educational videos/games through Easy Peasy Getting Ready 2. She does a dot to dot testing numbers from 80-100 and improves with each puzzle she is working on. I am glad to see the improvement and happy that Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool has so many fun visual resources to use with my little ones. I show my aunt some dresses I’m thinking of having the girls wear on their Pioneer Day trip tomorrow (we are going to a local Pioneer village with some other homeschoolers). She says they are very pretty and look old-fashioneded enough to work for the trip even though they aren’t the suggested colors.

12:15 pm – Baby is super-fussy so I ask Gentle Giant if he minds starting Baby on lunch while I see my aunt to the door. Delightful plays a couple of Piano songs for my aunt as she is leaving. The other kids (minus Delightful) say they’re hungry so I tell everyone it’s lunchtime. Gentle Giant puts Lyrical Life Science 2 on so the kids can learn some fun facts about mammals while they eat. The kids eat lunch, initially minus Feisty.  Here’s why:

Feisty gets in an argument with Gentle Giant and throws a big tantrum because Enigma is sitting in “her” seat.  She stomps up to her room screaming that she’s hungry. By 12:30, she’s still refusing to calm down or co-operate in any way. By 12:35, she’s hollering my name at the top of her lungs. We tell her I will talk to her when she has calmed down. At 12:43, she’s calmed down enough to talk to me. She tells me with big watery eyes and sniffles that Enigma “stolded” her spot at the table. I suggest she find another place to sit but she says she doesn’t want to sit in any other place. I give her the option of finding another seat or waiting until Enigma is done eating so she can have “her” chair and she decides to wait. There are no further tantrums from Feisty, who joins everyone (now including Delightful) for lunch.

I look at our schedule for the day. Today, we were supposed to do Nature Study outside in the morning but it is now raining/misting outside. I consider reviewing things we’ve already found using my blog posts online. That, I think, will work well for this crazy day we’re having.

12:53 pm – Delightful is ready for school again and I send her to wipe the Nutella off of her face before we start. I listen to her History narration and then look at my schedule to see what subjects we can knock off quickly while the other kids are finishing eating lunch. Delightful listens to French Volume 1 song #8 two times. Then, I suggest we do Copywork.  I ask Gentle Giant to print off a page I thought I had e-mailed him the other day (his computer is hooked up to our family’s printer). Gentle Giant looks for the e-mail but can’t find it in his inbox.  While he is looking in his inbox, I am sweeping up Baby’s lunch mess up and cleaning him and Enigma up. Then, I switch jobs with Gentle Giant so I can resend the e-mail to myself and print if off for Delightful. At this point, Feisty begins hollering for some more food. Then, Baby comes downstairs to our schoolroom, gets his diaper changed, and promptly steals Delightful’s eraser while she’s trying to complete her Copywork. Being chased around by Delightful is great fun for him. Since Baby was yawning in his high chair while he ate his lunch, it’s about time for him to have a nap but he isn’t quite ready to go down yet. Enigma comes downstairs and wants to watch some more trucks. I let him because this day is just so crazy! Baby plays for a while and is super-cute. He has a toy baby monitor that makes baby sounds and finds it fascinating.  He makes lots of funny reactions to the sounds. Gentle Giant goes upstairs to get some food and also gets Feisty something else to eat. Someone is mowing their lawn outside and Baby calls my attention to the sound. He also needs another diaper change — this one needs a bag and a run outside!  Delightful completes LiteratureMcGuffey’s Eclectic Second Reader Lesson 14. She finds this book very easy even though it is intended for grades 3-5 and she should be in grade 2 according to her age. We work from McGuffey’s 2-3 times a week and read other literature on other days (right now it’s Pinocchio). We narrate or complete the questions for each lesson as well as incorporate ideas from Mott Media’s Parent-Teacher Guide for the McGuffey’s series.

1:22-3:25 pm – Feisty has finally finished eating and comes downstairs again. We do Poetry (recite our memory poem and read some selections from either Mother Goose or Favorite Poems Old and New) and Memory Verses. Gentle Giant kindly brings me lunch. Next, I help Feisty with Phonics (2 pages of Adventures in Phonics Level A (ours is the older edition)). Baby finally goes down for nap – Gentle Giant settles him down because he loves snuggling into big brother’s broad shoulders and it gives Gentle Giant an excuse to listen to some of his music. Enigma finishes watching videos and plays with his construction toys.  We review our Catechism questions for the week (Westminster Children’s Catechism CD — each child reviews two songs and learns a new one each week). Then we read a Devotional (Building on the Rock #3) and some stories.  We complete Nature Study by looking at the pictures on my blog and trying to remember the names of what we saw this past summer. Then the girls do some Drawing. They both decide to try to draw an Abbott’s Sphinx Caterpillar in their art books.  After that, I help Feisty with reading, which today is practicing sounding out words and reading some pattern/repetitive text books. Delightful completes her Bible lesson (a chapter from 1 Samuel). I read and discuss a few pages of What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? with Feisty (her Science.  I try to expose Feisty to a different “subject” each day of the week so on other days we might do Bible, History, etc.).  For Science, Delightful reads and narrates a chapter from Among the Forest People.  After she is done, we look up pictures and videos on the internet of the creatures discussed in the chapter.

3:30 pm – School is done! Baby is still napping. Enigma is playing with construction toys. He has rigged a small wooden wagon to a construction toy and is carting wooden blocks around on it. Feisty and Delightful play a video game. Mom takes a few minutes rest. GG is…???…up in his room…I think.

4:00 pm – I start looking into making dinner and realize that I have only parts of meals but nothing with which to make a complete meal. I phone Mr. Chivalry at work and see if he’ll bring something home after work. He agrees but is very tired having only had 2 hours’ sleep last night due to Baby’s antics. I phone GG’s cell to let him know what’s going on and discover that he has a female friend in his bedroom who has been up there for a while! I voice my displeasure at not being told someone was over, etc. Then, Delightful and Feisty decide to go upstairs and see Mr. Chivalry’s friend because they like her a lot.  FYI, she is dating someone other than Gentle Giant; however, she comes to our house after school to be picked up by her and Gentle Giant’s boss since they both work at the same place.

4:15 pm — Gentle Giant and his friend are picked up for work.  The kids and I enjoy some downtime while we wait for Mr. Chivalry to come home.

5:30 – 8:00 pm — Mr. Chivalry is home with dinner.  Yay!  We eat, have some fun, and start our bedtime routine.  Tomorrow, we are going on a field trip with a bunch of other homeschoolers, so the kids all need to get a good sleep so they are not cranky on the trip.  Delightful, Feisty, and Enigma settle down to bed.  Baby isn’t quite convinced it’s really time to sleep yet.

11:30ish pm — Baby finally goes to sleep and I go to bed.  Mr. Chivalry stays up to finish up some work around the house and then heads off to bed himself.  Our crazy day is finally over!




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