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How Homeschoolers Adopted A Warped View of Patriarchy

Y2K illustrationKaren Campbell:

We cannot underestimate the affect Y2K had on the patriarchy movement. Prior to this time, within mainstream Christian homeschooling circles, those who followed Bill Gothard or Jonathan Lindvall were considered fringe. (It is important to note that secular homeschoolers or Christians who were not homeschooling for religious reasons were increasingly offended by groups like HSLDA speaking for them with public officials and attempting to make laws to “protect” homeschoolers. This opinion continues today.)

Though Lancaster’s magazine was seen at conferences, its content was pretty mainstream, encouraging fathers to be actively involved with their families and to take spiritual leadership in their homes. Then, as Doug Phillips began more and more of his promotion of a patriocentric lifetstyle, others joined him in laying out this agenda.

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