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A Child’s Prayer

Pig_USDA01c0116The other day we were praying together as a family, and before we started, I asked if any of the kids also wanted to pray.  I thought I knew what the content of Feisty’s prayer was going to be.  However, when she opened her mouth, something totally different came out!  Here is what she honestly and sincerely prayed for:

  • that all the cavemen in the world would have enough tea to drink and get a good night’s sleep;
  • that lots of piggies would be turned into bacon because she loves to eat bacon;
  • that at least one pig would NOT be turned into bacon so she could have it for a pet; and
  • that all the cows in the world would not die because she likes cows.

In addition, she also

  • confessed to killing some cows on a video game; and
  • questioned whether or not zebras are really real because they are so very stripey.

That has to be one of the most creative prayers I have ever heard!

By the way, the topic of teaching children to pray has recently come up on The Puritan Board.  You can read the discussions here:


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