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Defining Science to Exclude Cosmic Purposefulness

Image of the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293)“The evolutionists know the threat posed by creationism, and they have always defined science since the days of Darwin to exclude cosmic purposefulness. Science is ‘true’ science, in their view, only when pre-human cause and effect are seen as purposeless. To admit that creationism might be valid, or might be an alternative explanation of origins, is to deny the fundamental presupposition of modern science. In other words, the scientists recognize the exclusive and exclusionary nature of their intellectual endeavor — an endeavor designed to shove God out of the universe of cause and effect.”

~ Gary North, “Intellectual Schizophrenia”, in James B. Jordan (ed)., The Failure of the American Baptist Culture (Tyler, TX: Geneva Divinity School, 1982), p. 18, emphasis in original.



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