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Education Around the Web, September 2014


Here are some education-related items that caught my interest this past month:

75% of graduates don’t have a good grasp of English: Results come despite surge in education spending

Alex Stone arrested after U.S. teen wrote about shooting pet dinosaur

All British children should gain a GCSE in sex education says former Miss Belgium as she launches Jamie Oliver-style TV campaign

Cabinet rift over plan to teach Jesus to Muslims: Education Secretary’s proposals drawn up in wake of ‘Trojan Horse’ plot leads to clash at top of Government

Common Core Blockbuster: Mathematician Dr. Jim Milgram Warns Common Core Will Destroy America’s Standing in Technology

Father stabs three pupils to death in rampage at Chinese school after it refused to let his daughter return for not finishing her summer homework

German homeschoolers regain custody of children, vow to stay and fight for freedom

Half of English pupils aged five ‘are not ready for school when they leave reception’

Homeschool surpasses private school

ISIS Bans Math, Social Studies For Children

New school year, new curriculum: Compulsory foreign languages for primary pupils and lessons in computer coding

Outrage at university freshers being handed a ‘shagchart’ to mark up their conquests on their wall

Parents’ fury as schools offer children as young as 15 free STI tests in the toilets during lessons

Primary school pupils as young as four are banned from saying goodbye to parents in their playground ‘for health and safety reasons’

Revealed: How white British pupils will be outnumbered in English state schools by 2037

Satanic Temple to distribute materials to school children in Florida

School bans ‘unsupervised cartwheels’ on playground

School Bans Student’s ‘Virginity Rocks’ T-Shirt…

The teacher (and English graduate) who admits: I’m illiterate – SARAH SMITH blames liberal education dogmas for creating a generation of hopelessly ill-equipped teachers

Too much math education is based on pet theories

Twenty primary school children are sent home every day for attacking teachers

Two teachers every month banned for seducing pupils: Figures reveal number of ‘inappropriate relationships’ in Britain’s classrooms

What an ed-venture! Sisters, 11 and 9, to miss a year of school after teacher parents take them on year-long caravan trip around Britain – and they don’t have to pay a fine


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