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T. H. E.

school-related-clip-6Last year, Feisty, 4, really wanted to do school… some of the time.  I thought she might be able to do some of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and I was right.  She sounded out words and enjoyed reading the short stories in the book.

But then the stories got longer.  There were more words to sound out.  It was So. Much. Work.  She hadn’t noticed that if she sounded out a word in one sentence, then she didn’t have to sound it out the next time she saw it — assuming she even recognized the word when she saw it again (which she usually didn’t).

Then there was that annoying thing about English — even if you sounded out a word, half the time the word was pronounced differently anyway!  And so we worked on “the” every time we saw it.  “Thhhhhhhhhhhhhh………ĕ?”

Fast forward to this year.  The word “the” has come up a few times in the books Feisty, 5, is working on.  We also work on targeted phonics/word building during the day.  One day, I asked her out of curiosity if she could spell the word “the” for me.  Her answer: “T…H…E!”

Now, that’s cause for celebration!



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