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Nature Study: Abbott’s Sphinx Caterpillar

We found this Abbott’s Sphinx caterpillar on a grapevine, which was no surprise since they like grape leaves.  It was actually rather creepy.  The caterpillar has a fake eye on its rear, which is shaped like a snake’s head.  When touched, the caterpillar hisses and raises its rear so that it looks like a striking snake.  Kind of scary!

Here is the caterpillar with its back end raised:


And here you can see its front end a little better:


This one’s a little blurry:


These, we think, are a baby Abbott’s Sphinx caterpillar that drowned before fully developing:



Here is a link to more closeups of the Abbott’s Sphinx caterpillar:

This link shows some of the different colors these caterpillars can be, as well as the moths they turn into:

And here is someone’s creative poem about the Abbott’s Sphinx, with pictures:


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