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Is Classical Education Catholic?

Roman Statue

David Quine argues that Classical Education will inevitably turn students into Catholics:

DQ: WHERE WILL CLASSICAL EDUCATION LEAD YOUR CHILDREN? Classical Education will most likely result in students who will imbibe the Renaissance Mind rather that the Reformation Mind. These students will be absorbing, assimilating, and embracing the UNION of two traditions, Christian and Greco-Roman thought. The union of these two traditions moves the heart, soul, and mind of the student in the direction of the Catholic Mind rather than the Protestant Mind.


Martin Cothran offers a rebuttal of David Quine’s reasoning as expressed in Quine’s Pitfalls of Classical Education video:

Quine argues that because the classical curriculum draws from both the classical and Christian worldviews the Bible “begins to be marginalized into “a Word of God.” [rather than “the Word of God”] This is another giant step of reasoning that is not filled in. In fact, Quine never states it explicitly, but at this point in the presentation you realize what his basic argument is, even though he doesn’t state it explicitly: Quine is arguing that the reason for modern relativism (which is the whole emphasis of the Josh McDowell lecture at the beginning) is the revival of paganism in the form of classical education.

Read more:

What do you think?  I tend to think that it’s not what is studied, per se, but how it is studied.  If the Bible is the standard, and you measure every classical idea against the Bible’s teaching, which worldview are you really teaching to your students?


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