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Education Around the Web, July 2014


Here are some of this past month’s education-related headlines:

Being cool in high school may not mean good things for your future, study finds

Children forced to attend Hindu faith school with compulsory yoga, meditation and vegetarian lunches because of a shortage of places at state schools

Christian sex-ed in public schools infringes on human rights, Edmonton mother and daughter say in complaint

Common Core and Sodom

Could you pass this kindergarten admissions test? The tough new exam for New York City’s private schools

Don’t send your kids to private school! University students who went to public school perform WORSE than those who had a state education, study claims

Have the pornogogues taken over your kids’ school? Get out. Now.

Kate Middleton Leaving Kensington Palace for the Countryside? Royal Mom Wants to Homeschool George

Logic and illogic in education

Mother-of-three faces eight-bus daily journey to take her four-year-old son to school and back because brain condition means she can’t drive

Muslim girls’ school is criticised for all-female staff: Ofsted orders college to introduce male role models after inspection

New ‘real life’ maths qualification for sixth formers to be introduced to tackle Britain’s ‘rusty’ numeracy

Parents’ fury after school asks them to pay £400 each to buy an iPad for their child

Parents pull kids out of Alberta school over complaints about principal, including Facebook photo of fake fellatio on Washington Monument

Plans to ban CCTV outside schools dropped after outcry from teachers over fears they would be ‘powerless to rein in reckless parents’

Poor, bright children missing out on top universities: More than 2,000 are overtaken by less able pupils after getting lost in the ‘secondary school maze’

Scrap compulsory Christian assemblies in schools because they are ‘meaningless’ in 21st Century society, say governors

Staff at Muslim primary school ‘caught on camera describing how clapping hands is Satanic and that gay people should be stoned to death’

States encourage bilingualism with diploma seals

Stowe boarding chief admits emergency contraceptive pills ‘ran out’: Top public school in ‘morning after pill’ sex furore

Student Debt Is a Financial Life Sentence

The death of the lazy student: Instead of ‘dossing around’ plotting Marxist revolution, they complain about boring lectures and not having essays marked, says Tory minister

The dramatic growth of homeschooling in America

The school leavers who aren’t ready for work: One in three business executives are concerned about young people’s attitude

University to Offer ‘Gender-Open’ Restrooms

Wear glasses? Then you’re probably SMART: Educated people are more likely to suffer from sight problems, claims study

Why I’m pulling my kids out of public school (video)


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