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Susanna Wesley, Homeschool Mom

Note:  Since I posted this, I have learned more about the Wesley family that gives me pause.  There is evidence to show that John Wesley was never a born again Christian.  See, for example:

The sermon listed above also contains information about Susannah Wesley’s faith.  It appears that for most of her life she was not a Christian and only possibly became one a few years before her death.  Thus, the post below should be taken with a grain of salt and be measured carefully against the Word of God.

I have been often sick and of little physical strength these past few years, but Mrs. Wesley puts me to shame:
Susanna Wesley

Susanna was not a woman of great physical strength, but her intellectual discipline was amazing. She was often sick, whether due to repeated pregnancy or other causes. But she carried on. Susanna set apart a school room in her home and taught her children 6 hours a day, 3 hours in the morning, and 3 hours in the late afternoon. The only day free from school was the Sabbath. Each day began with prayer and Psalms. Each child was taught to read from the Bible by the age of 5. They also learned the basics, as well as Latin, poetry writing and music. Greek and Hebrew were taught to the children by their father in the evenings. Susanna did not allow for horseplay or loud talking during school time. Each child kept to their work diligently.

Read more about this extraordinary homeschool mom:


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