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Scrapping the Mystery of History

I have tried to use the Mystery of History Volume 1 with 3 of my children and have come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t work for our family.  All 3 have had the same complaint: namely, that the strict chronological approach to history is confusing because the author bounces from place to place to place; and when she returns back to a place, it’s hard to remember everything that was previously said and then pick up where she left off the last time she discussed it.  I agree.

ancient_cover_thumbAs a result, we will be sticking with Christine Miller’s Guerber’s histories for the time being.  All of the Guerber’s histories got two thumbs up from Gentle Giant when he read them.  You can read some reviews of the books here.  Cathy Duffy includes Guerber’s histories in her top 101 picks and has reviewed them here.


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