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Education Around the Web, April 2014



Here are some education-related items that caught my eye this past month:

21 universities that are making it easier to get top-class degrees. . . including Oxford

£9,000 tuition fees could cost taxpayer millions: Damning report says ministers will not know for decades if shake-up has actually saved money

Academy staff at school that posted some of the worst GCSE results in England in 2012 lost £1m in simple email scam when they replied with full account details

Children who watch less TV are better behaved, slimmer and do better at school, researchers claim

Gay teacher who writes books challenging homophobia has resigned after parents complained they did not want him to teach their children

Gutting Higher Ed through the “Completion Agenda”

‘I got ACCEPTED!’ The heartwarming moment a high school student, 18, with Down Syndrome learns that he’s going to college

Italian MPs introduce bill to protect parents’ constitutional rights against ‘gender ideology’

Mom, Will You Homeschool Me?

Mother who launched hate campaign against primary school headteacher and spread fake rumours claiming he sexually abused her daughter walks free

Muslim schools ‘must respect British values’ says Jack Straw as Birmingham MP admits there is a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by extremists

Parents sue school for £3,000 because their seven-year-old son got a SPLINTER when he sat on a wooden bench

Pot-smoking students ‘perform better academically’ than those who smoke tobacco

Primary school pupils must be taught about legal highs, says PM’s drugs adviser

Principal: L.I. High School Students Suspended Indefinitely For Displaying Confederate Flag

Read parent’s Facebook response to ‘ridiculous’ Common Core math homework

Reading, writing and sexual trysts: More than 100 New York City school teachers and employees engaged in ‘inappropriate’ relationships with students over last five years

SAT unveils new test and it’s shorter, doesn’t have as many vocabulary words and no longer penalizes for wrong answers

State of Texas Keeps Home-Schooled Children from Parents

Teacher fired ‘after she ordered six students to attack 7th grade boy who spoke back to her’ in shocking videotaped beat-down

Teachers call for Muslim pupils to be allowed to use Ramadan as grounds of appeal against poor exam results

Teachers call for pupils to start school at the age of seven to stop them being damaged by ‘too much, too soon’ culture

Teachers trolled with homophobic and racial abuse from pupils as young as primary school age – 21% said they had been abused online and 26% had photos posted

Teen charged with disorderly conduct for recording bullying

The ‘ghost’ pupils aged four who spend 10 hours a day at school because parents ‘are prioritising work over their children’

Three in four graduates will be paying off student loans until their 50s: Most will face having debt written off at 30 year limit

University calls the amount of white people on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to have fewer

‘Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?’ Grade-school students baffled as brands including Nike, iPods and Barbies appear in exam papers

Woman’s fury after she loaned her pet micro pig Marmite to school so he could socialise with other animals… but they sent it to SLAUGHTER because it was ‘aggressive’

You Won’t Believe The Method That Common Core Is Using To Teach Our Kids Subtraction


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