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Building with Straws

A family friend gave our family an old set of straws and connectors for building things.  Then I found another set at a local thrift shop for $2.  Fortunately for us, both sets are compatible with each other, making for lots of creative fun.  Here is a picture of both sets in the clear plastic container I store them in:


A simple set of straws and connectors can lead to hours and hours of fun.  My kids have found all sorts of creative uses for these items.  One, obviously, is to build things.

Here is a “spinny sun” built by Feisty, 4:


And some airplanes built by Feisty, 4:


And a funky flower made by Feisty, 4:


And a bird made by Feisty, 4:


Straws and connectors can have other uses, too.  Here is a horse and a hippo enjoying some food:


And connectors beings used as cake decorations by Feisty, 4 (cake in the process of being made):


And connectors being used to make some patterns by Feisty, 4:


Straws and connectors are a great item for keeping little ones busy when you have older ones to teach.

Do you have straws and connectors at your house?  If so, what ideas have your kids come up with for using them?


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