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“Am I in Grade 1 Yet?”


Every day when we do school, Feisty, 4, asks me, “Am I in Grade 1 yet?”  I tell her not quite yet, but then I give her some personalized goals to work toward so she doesn’t get discouraged.  They are:

  1. Learn to count to 100;
  2. Recognize all of the numbers up to 100;
  3. Keep working on reading until she can read Level 1 books; and
  4. Work really hard on not having accidents during the day.

I am also trying to involve Feisty in some of Delightful’s school activities, but sometimes she doesn’t have the attention span for them.  So far, Feisty is working really hard at these goals.  If she keeps this up, she may be able to do K5/Grade 1 next year after all!


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