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100 Jump

100JumpHere is a simple game for helping your child learn to count to 100 and recognize numbers while burning off excess energy at the same time:

Basic 100 Jump:

Tell your child you are going to play “100 Jump.”  The goal is to see if your child can jump all the way up to 100.  The game is simple:  your child jumps up and down while you count his jumps out loud.  While jumping, your child works up a good sweat and also learns to count by hearing you count out loud.  My kids love seeing how high they can jump and then seeing if they can beat their record.

Advanced 100 Jump:

This is the same as the basic version only you use a 100 chart at the same time.  After your child has jumped as high as he can, ask him to find the number he ended at on the chart.


This game can be varied in numerous ways.  For instance:

  1. You can lower the jump target to a number less than 100 for younger kids;
  2. Instead of jumping, your child could skip, bounce a ball, etc.;
  3. After your child finishes jumping, you can have him color in the square of the number he ended on on the 100 chart.  You can then make a goal to color in the whole chart;
  4. After your child finishes jumping, you can ask him to write the number he ended on instead of just finding it on a 100 chart;
  5. For advanced kids, you can have them jump twice in a row and then have them add or subtract the numbers they ended on;

and any other idea you can think of!


Sometimes the child will jump too fast for you to be able to keep up with in your counting.  There are two solutions to this:

  1. Count at a different pace than your child jumps so your child can clearly hear each number; or
  2. Count using single digits between 10’s, ie. “20, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 30, 1, 2…”

Do you use simple games for teaching your little ones?  If so, what is your favorite simple game?


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