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Model Magic Creations

Last year, a family member brought over some Model Magic Presto Dots kits for the kids to try.  The kids weren’t interested in making actual dots or bumpy textures, but they did enjoy decorating their own animals.  In the kits we had, some of the Model Magic was extremely sticky and hard to work with while other Model Magic was fine.  The kids did not entirely cover their animals, so some of the pieces they tried to stick on later fell off.  Here are pictures of Delightful and Feisty’s creations that were taken as they started to fall apart:

An alligator by Feisty, 4:


A chameleon by Feisty, 4:


A shark by Delightful, 6:


And a dragonfly by Delightful, 6:


Enigma, 2, also made some creations, but they were already destroyed by the time I took these pictures.


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