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Education Around the Web, February 2014


Here are some headlines that caught my eye this past month:


Florida says mom must prove her dying son can’t take standardized test from RT

Mother Infuriated By State’s Standardized Test Requirement for Her Disabled, Dying Son — the Details Might Make You Angry, Too from The Blaze


All abroad for maths and science: British universities lag behind U.S. and Asia in key technology subjects from MailOnline

Alpha Omega Academy Congratulates Former Christian Homeschool Student on His Advancement to Winter Olympics from iPost

Another Reason to Be Worried About Common Core: ‘The Children Belong to All of Us’ from The Blaze

Can You Read This Essay? from The Aquila Report

Children who watch three hours of TV a day could be left ‘educationally stunted and prone to bullying’ from MailOnline

Desperate parents give private schools a share of their home – just so they can pay children’s fees from MailOnline

Ditch the books and flash cards! You CAN’T teach a baby how to read, claim experts from MailOnline

Dyslexia is a ‘meaningless label used by middle-class parents who fear their children are being branded stupid’, professor claims from MailOnline

How reading your baby a bedtime story is as important as FEEDING them – and could even get them a good job and a happy marriage from MailOnline

If It’s True What These Middle Schoolers Were Asked In Class, It’s Unsettling from The Blaze

Is the British education system designed to polarise people? Young people need to learn to control the richest 1% who dominate Britain, argues Professor Danny Dorling from The Guardian

It DOES pay to go to college: University-educated Americans earn $17,500 more a year than high school grads… and they’re more likely to be married from MailOnline

Kids, five, found having sex in kindergarten bathroom by teacher now facing the axe from MailOnline

Kind-hearted school tutor pays meal accounts for more than 60 kids so they can have more than just cold cheese sandwiches from MailOnline

‘My grades went from a D to an A’: How Flipped Learning lets kids do homework in class time and have school lessons at home from MailOnline

Parents warned: Big Brother owns your children from WND Education

Real-life Matilda, 9, ditched television and computer games and has read 364 books in seven months – that’s almost two a DAY from MailOnline

Rotten to the Core: Government Schools ‘Common Core’ Indoctrination from 21st Century Wire

School called police on distraught mother after she complained her daughter, 6, was being physically attacked and bullied from MailOnline

Shocking video footage shows how school principal DRAGGED two kindergarten children down a hallway (and was still allowed to return to work) from MailOnline

Teen Fights Back in a Big Way After Atheists Force Teacher to Remove Christian Poster From Her Classroom from The Blaze

Teens Defend ‘Fail Factory’ School in Error-Filled Letters from NY Post

The Bible-ignorant youngsters who can’t tell Noah from Adam: Third of children didn’t know Nativity story came from Holy Book from MailOnline

This Is Irrefutable Evidence Of The Value Of A Humanities Education from The Huffington Post

The Model Minority (Education Edition) from the Thinking Housewife — Chinese students rioting for the “right” to cheat

WiFi in Schools Shown to Cause Health Problems – Is Your Child at Risk? from Waking Times


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