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Comparing Classical and Charlotte Mason Approaches to Writing

One of the frustrations I have with homeschooling is that everyone has a different idea of what should be taught when.  This can lead to confusion when trying to plan which resources to use with which child.

Since I tend to take an eclectic approach to our curriculum, I often check both classical and charlotte mason websites for ideas. One subject I am always looking for ideas on is writing because it has been the most difficult subject for my older children to master.  Watching them struggle in this area often causes me to wonder if I’m asking too much or too little for their ages and abilities.  Seeing what other curricula recommend gives me helpful guidance in this area.

Here is a comparison of Ambleside Online, Classical Christian Homeschooling, and Trivium Pursuit‘s approaches to writing, which I have found helpful:

Screenshot (24)As you can see, the programs are very similar, although they differ more in the higher grades.  Here is my attempted synthesis of the three programs:

Screenshot (11)

This gives me some guidance of what to expect when.  At present, I am using two writing curricula to help me teach my children, but having a chart to compare their progress against helps me see whether or not we are meeting our goals.  Given my experience with my oldest two children, I am not quite brave enough to try to teach writing without a curriculum to guide me, but maybe in the future I will be confident enough to do so!



2 thoughts on “Comparing Classical and Charlotte Mason Approaches to Writing

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this chart! We use Tapestry of Grace, which includes a writing component. My 6th grader struggled through a research paper a couple of weeks ago (she had six weeks to work on it, step by step), until I cried uncle and realized she doesn’t have a great writing foundation yet to tackle a research paper. That’s mostly my fault for not emphasizing writing until now. But wow, these charts don’t expect much intensive writing until 10th grade. I am pretty relieved. 🙂 Recently I have been looking into the Institute for Excellence in Writing, wondering if I should scrap the Tapestry writing guidelines for a different curriculum. But now, I’m rethinking that. Hmmm, much food for thought. So, once again thank you! 🙂

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