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Education News, January 31,2014

969875_52703117Here are some recent education-related headlines I have recently encountered:

Bedtime story is flourishing: Number of parents who read to their children five nights a week doubles in a generation from MailOnline:

  • 33 per cent more parents read to children compared to a generation ago
  • Stories last less than 7 minutes for a third of children
  • Parents are starting to add pop stars or celebrities into popular stories

Montreal school board defends erotic novels in elementary schools after mother’s campaign from LifeSite News

Schools could open from 9am to 6pm for 45 weeks a year in move aimed to slash cost of childcare and stop the ‘summer slideback’ from MailOnline

Teachers ‘are too poorly qualified’: Children’s education in maths and science under threat from teacher who fail to achieve top degrees from MailOnline

The bright 11-year-olds failing to get good GCSEs: Half of high-flying primary pupils do not achieve grade C at English and maths from MailOnline

The Untold History of Modern U.S. Education: The Founding Fathers from Waking Times

‘They don’t know how to dress’ and lack literacy and numeracy skills: Bosses warn British school leavers unprepared for working life from MailOnline

‘They will be disadvantaged’: Boys left behind as gender gap at university grows with young women choosing to study while male peers opt to enter the world of work from MailOnline


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