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Is Classical Education About Stages or Skills?


An authentic classical Christian education, as developed during the ancient Greco-Roman world and later refined by the Western Europeans and American colonists, involved mastering three fundamental skills so that the student could then explore the deeper meaning of abstract ideas for the purpose of influencing society. Three chronological stages were never part of the original interpretation.

Adopting the original interpretation of classical education is much easier than you may think. If you have been operating under the three-stage model for any length of time, the freedom of a real classical Christian education is liberating. Released from the imposed structure, you can relax and enjoy your children as you teach three simple skills: language, thought, and speech.

The potential for creative learning is only limited by your imagination and inspiration. No longer bound to certain methods, curriculum, or artificial structure, you are free to teach the three skills of language, critical thinking, and communication in ways that uniquely meet the needs of your family.

Read more:  Classical Education Made Much Easier by Diane Lockman, Printed in Practical Homeschooling #91, 2009,

It seems to me that classical education conceived this way, which is probably correct, becomes pretty much the same as the 3R’s:  Language = Reading, Thought = ‘Rithmetic (Math/Logic/Science), and Communication = ‘Riting (Writing/Speech).  If I had to describe my homeschool, I’d say we are relaxed classical/3R’s.  The Robinson Curriculum focuses on mastery of the 3R’s, but we also add in some logic and other topics of interest.


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