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On Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

umcbookcover  Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis Petersen is a popular book I have seen advocated by a couple of homeschooling programs.  My family owns a copy of this book and enjoys reading it.

This book has come under fire, however, by Creation Ministries International for containing false or inaccurate information.  CMI’s webpage contains an extensive list of alleged errors in the book, and it is well worth consulting that list if you choose to use Unlocking in your homeschool.

That said, however, there has also been a very good rebuttal to CMI’s claims published by Creation Research (Australia).  I have to agree with the rebuttals given.

Given the controversy, though, anyone planning on using Unlocking might want to apprise themselves of the criticisms and their rebuttals in order to determine for themselves if or how they will utilize the book in their home.


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