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Why Homeschool?


Some time ago, someone asked my husband why anyone would want to homeschool their children when they could just send their kids to a private school.  Here are some reasons we came up with in favor of homeschooling, although not all reasons are equally valid in all places:

  1. Homeschooling enables parents to tailor their children’s educational programs to their children’s interests, abilities, and needs, providing more personalized education plans than are available by other means of education.  There are no one-size-fits-all requirements.
  2. Homeschooling enables children to work through material at their own pace, spending more time on the difficult subjects and less time on the easy.  There is no pressure to keep up with or stay back with the rest of the class.
  3. Homeschooling enables parents to integrate their children’s learning into daily life and to schedule learning at times that are appropriate and convenient for their particular family.  Learning becomes life and not just part of life.
  4. Homeschooling enables parents to provide their children with unique educational opportunities that are not available in organized school systems.  There are no limits on the field trips or activities in which a child can participate.
  5. Homeschooling provides more comprehensive socialization than most schools by providing children with opportunities to interact with individuals of a variety of ages and backgrounds every day (ie. vertical as opposed to horizontal socialization).  Children live in the “real world” every day instead of just learning about it.
  6. Homeschooling enables families to share important life moments together such as taking a special vacation, seeing something exciting on a routine trip, or caring for a sick relative.  There are no missed moments or “I wish you could have been there’s.”
  7. Homeschooling strengthens family bonds and gives children a sense of security and stability in their lives.  Children know they are an integral part of their families and they live it every day.
  8. Homeschooling enables parents to get to know each of their children as the unique and special individuals that they are.  There is no living together but apart in the same house, ie. going completely separate ways with little to no interaction each day.
  9. Homeschooling enables parents to pass on their family’s heritage to their children without constant interference from those seeking to denigrate that heritage.  There is no cognitive dissonance being deliberately fostered in their children every day.
  10. Homeschooling contributes to personal development, bringing out the good and the bad in both parents and children.  There is no avoiding or missing opportunities for personal growth when character issues are on display for all to see.
  11. Homeschooling enables parents to develop themselves through continuous learning alongside their children.  There is no room for brain atrophy while teaching multiple grades to multiple children all at the same time.

Do you have any reasons to add?


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