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Biblical Landmarks: Government Schools and the Scorched Earth Policy of Atheism

Here was a vehicle that would take the young in age and young at heart and train them and equip them for the future. This, of course, was nothing new. Christianity especially had insisted on education as a means to help people expand the kingdom of God.

What was unique in the government schools, however, was the idea that this system of education must be completely secular. That is, secular in the math class, the language class, the science class, the geography class, and especially the lessons in economics, biology, psychology and politics.

Herein lies one of the core beliefs of atheism: That any kind of religious education must be abandoned in order for the secular state to inculcate the virtues of centralism and state control. At the center of these ideas is the concept that man is quite capable of making up rules and regulations that may not solve, but at least ameliorate, the human condition. He needs no outside advice, outside from of the universe, that is. Unaided by any kind of supernatural divinity, mankind will now rule supreme in the quest for heaven on earth.

And the government school is the vehicle that will make disciples, teach, and even baptize — with fire, if necessary — followers into this faith called atheism.

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