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Homeschooling the Difficult Child

William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Gardeuse de moutons (1881)

Here are two articles that address relationship problems in a homeschooled setting:

It was Afternoon Out, our weekly time together as mother and daughters. The problem was, only two of us — Janelle and I — wanted to be there. My other two daughters, Nicole and Kristin, sat at opposite ends of the backseat staring out their respective windows. Their slouched shoulders and blank expressions saying what words did not. Janelle and I chatted in the front seat for a while, but their non-participation was impossible to ignore.
I suppressed the impulse to turn the car around and expel them both to walk the rest of the way home. Instead, I breathed a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s help and broke the silence.
“Okay, girls,” I began, “what’s going on?”
“Nothing,” came the predictably weak reply.

Read the rest:  Building a Strong Mother-Daughter Friendship by Carolyn Mahaney, Contributing Writer,

“I won’t do it!” my child screamed after being asked to sit down and start the day’s math assignment. “You will too!” I resolutely stated right back. “I will not!” And thereupon ensued an all-out fight of wills. The strong-willed mother determined to win over the strong-willed child. After all, the books said that if I didn’t win every battle, I would not win the fight. And boy, did we battle. This was the beginning of years of anguish in dealing with a strong-willed, highly eruptive child.

Read the rest:  Homeschooling the Rebel by Deborah Wuehler, Contributing Writer,


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