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The necessity of metaphysics in education; Christians and secular “neutral” education


E. F. Schumacher once said that “Education cannot help us as long as it accords no place to metaphysics.”  Schumacher was no preacher or theologian.  He was a statistician and economist (often seen as the most “scientific” and physical of the social sciences).  But he knew that the education of children, indeed of anyone, is incomplete if is not superintended by a concern with metaphysics, (a study of the essence of things; the fundamental organizing principles that make the world intelligible).  Learning that is not acquired through a framework which speaks to the essence and purpose of things can become trivial, isolated, fragmented, aimless, and blind.  Biology can describe the anatomy of the human body, but it can not tell us what the essence of human nature is like and what purpose the human person has in this world.  When education was raided by the scientific revolution occurring in the early 1900s, the assumption…

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